Well Grounded’s #SupportThe234 COVID-19 appeal

At Rude Health we’ve been inspired by the in rude health work of our longstanding partners during COVID-19. Whether it’s Chefs in Schools assembling a team of volunteers to make and deliver Free School Meals to thousands of vulnerable children or Well Grounded with #SupportThe234 working with the most needy within the coffee industry, we’ve been proud to offer our support to these incredible partners doing inspiring things in surreal times. 

Who Are Well Grounded? 

Well Grounded is an award winning social enterprise that helps adults facing multiple disadvantages into work in the specialty coffee industry. Since 2016, they have supported 234 people through their training, qualification, mentorship and employment programmes.

“To say that Well Grounded has changed my life would be an understatement. I would say it has shown me my potential in ways that I never knew were there. With the support of Well Grounded I’ve become myself.” -Syrus, Graduate

How are they adapting during COVID-19?

Sadly many of Well Grounded’s graduates have been hit especially hard by the Coronavirus; many have lost their jobs, been furloughed on zero hour contracts and face vulnerable housing situations, financial insecurity and emotional instability. 

“Taking the course at this very strange and difficult time in the world has also meant that I feel like I have a community and the resilience to make it through, and I am so grateful to have had Well Grounded in my life at this moment.” -Ashley, Graduate


How are Well Grounded helping with #SupportThe234?

Well Grounded are raising money to build a fully operational Virtual Platform, so they can transition their support and training services online and continue to empower their 234 graduates and the wider coffee community. Their virtual training platform will help them to:

  • Deliver workshops and employment advice to help their graduates into new jobs.
  • Connect their graduates and beneficiaries to mental health services.
  • Provide activities to reduce anxiety and tackle social exclusion across the industry.
  • Offer accredited coffee courses for those looking to gain a qualification from home.
  • Develop a community of care across the coffee industry and continue to be that shoulder for their graduates to lean on, a listening ear and a trusted friend.


Inspired? Want to get involved? 

Donate what you can to Well Grounded’s crowdfunder page. We’re proud to have supported the campaign with a donation of £500.

Take part in a ‘234’ themed challenge to help raise awareness. Whether it’s juggling 2, 3, then 4 items, running the 234 bus route, cutting 2.34 inches off your hair or anything in between – get involved. For more ‘234 ideas’ follow @wellgroundedhq on Twitter and Instagram.