World Plant Milk Day

August 22nd is #WorldPlantMilkDay.

To celebrate, we’ve launched our 7 ways with…Almond Drink series, bringing you seven inspiring ways to use our best-selling and crowd pleasing Almond Drink. From porridge to panna cotta, smoothies to straight out of the carton. 

First up. Porridge.

Porridge is just oats, but wine is just grapes. Achieve the perfect porridge by cooking your favourite oats in Almond Drink.

Almond Dalgona Coffee

Switch up your weekday morning coffee with an Almond Dalgona Coffee. Light and foamy whipped coffee is spooned over chilled Almond Drink and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Pick me up perfection.

Straight From The Carton

Whether you’re on the go or are kicking back and relaxing, our ultimate way to enjoy Almond Drink is chilled straight out of the carton. Creamy crushed Sicilian almonds, blended with organic rice, a pinch of sea salt, pure mountain spring water and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Dairy-free. Flavour full. Pour yourself a glass of pure pleasure.


Next up, smoothies made easy. Add a hint of creamy sweetness to your favourite smoothie recipe with a splash of Rude Health Almond Drink. We like berries, banana and coconut yogurt but this versatile little number goes with just about any ingredients so get whizzing. 

Turmeric & Almond Ramen

Did you know our Almond Drink adds a silky and nutty edge to any soup, curry or ramen? Try our Turmeric and Almond Ramen recipe from Anna Jones. This evening’s dinner sorted.

turmeric and miso

Panna Cotta

Dessert just got hotta. Enter Panna Cotta. Try this showstopping vegan Bakewell Panna Cotta recipe at your next dinner party. Top it with cherries and slivers of almond for the ultimate blend of nuttiness, tartness and sweetness. 

Dirty Chai Cocktail

We’re toasting the end of our 7 ways with series for #worldplantmilkday by shaking up this Dirty Chai Cocktail. Made with Almond Drink, Chai Tea, Espresso and Vodka. Chin chin.