World Porridge Day

When is World Porridge Day?

October 10th is World Porridge Day; an entire day dedicated to recognising and celebrating the health benefits, versatility and deliciousness of a good bowl of porridge. At Rude Health we’re proud of our porridge so this really is the event of the year.

World Porridge Day. Kids at Kanjedza Primary School in Mwanza wait for cups of phala porridge from Mary’s Meals

What is World Porridge Day?

World Porridge Day was created by Mary’s Meals, a charity that works with the local communities to provide porridge for some of the world’s poorest children in education.

When we think of porridge we often think of it as a Scottish staple, enjoyed after a bracing dip in a cold loch. Porridge, in fact, has a global trotting history. It has always had a humble yet global appeal. Nutrient-rich, quick to prepare, cheap and sustaining, porridge has made its mark on countless cuisines. From Likuni Phala (a maize-based porridge common in Malawi) to a savoury Haleem bowl more akin to a stew (popular in the Middle East, Central Asia and India).

Mary’s Meal’s recognise the global and local appeal of the humble oat and its power to tackle hunger and support education in the poorest communities worldwide.

Now that we know where this momentous day came from, it’s time to decide how to celebrate it in style. An easy way to start is by eating a bowl of porridge. Whether it be sweet, savoury, experimental or traditional, a bowl of porridge can provide a satisfying and sustaining meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Spurtles and spoons at the ready.

The World Porridge Championships

If you are a die-hard oat fan, a Scotland lover and want to take it a step further, you can head to the World Porridge Championships in Scotland. Also known as the Golden Spurtle, The World Porridge Championships in an annual event held in the Scottish Highland village of Carrbridge where it has been running since 1994. Anyone can enter to battle it out for either the best traditional porridge (oatmeal, water and salt only) or for the ‘Speciality’ Porridge category where contenders can add their own ingredients – a category our very own co-founder Nick Barnard won in 2014.

Celebrate World Porridge Day at Home.

Porridge is just oats, but wine is just grapes.

Why not get creative & celebrate World Porridge Day by making some of your own?

Curious to try a savoury porridge? Try winner from the Rude Health Porridge Championships 2019’s savoury Oat Risotto with Parsnip 3 ways. Or for something nutty, try Almond Milk Porridge with Roasted Apricots and Homemade Granola. Want pudding? Sticky Toffee Pudding Porridge … the best sweet porridge you will ever eat.

Still hungry? Head over to our history of porridge page to learn all about porridge around the world.


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