Almond Milk: All You Need to Know


Almond milk is a dairy alternative made from soaking, blending and squeezing almonds in order to extract a liquid similar in texture to dairy milk. Almond milk can be used as an alternative to cow’s milk in almost everything, from coffee to cocktails and from baking to breakfast. Making your own at home can be a labour of love but one that is worth the TLC.

Not in the mood to make your own? Buying an almond milk can be just as laborious. The supermarket shelves are stocked with many different dairy alternatives by many different brands that also differ in flavour, size and ingredients. How do you choose?! That’s where we come in.

We’ve made three different ones. Not to confuse but to cover all bases. Almond DrinkUltimate Almond DrinkMini Almond Drink. They may differ in size and flavour but they are all made with real, kitchen cupboard ingredients. Nothing unrecognisable and no nonsense – we never compromise on quality. If that’s not a triple threat, we don’t know what is.


We launched our dairy alternative drinks because we didn’t think people should have to lower their standards on quality of food and ingredients when choosing a dairy alternative.

We saw shelves full of ‘healthy’ nut and plant based milks which contained carrageenan, flavourings, emulsifiers, and which fortified with vitamins and calcium carbonate. These ingredients and additives are not things you would have heard of, let alone find in your own kitchen cupboard or want to drink.

When you buy a dairy alternative, you shouldn’t expect anything less than what you would use to make your own nut drinks. Our drinks are a simple blend of ingredients that we all recognise. Nothing artificial. Nothing refined.



Almond Drink: We love our almond drink. It has been our headlining act since we released our first dairy alternatives in 2013 because of its versatility and drinkability. Creamy crushed Organic almonds are blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Naturally nutty and naturally sweet. Just like you.

Ultimate Almond Drink: Organic almonds. Water. Nothing else. This one is for the purists. If you’re more birthday suit than dinner suit and sweet enough already, the Ultimate Almond is for you. Creamy, smooth and unsweetened.

Mini Almond: Our Almond Drink but shrunk. Same Organic ingredients, same great taste, all we’ve added is convenience. Now you can drink and drive, slurp and stroll and BYOD (bring your own almond drink)

For recipe inspiration see here.

You’re in rude health when… you froth it like it’s hot. You know your ultimate from your almond. You always shake vigorously.