Snacks for Kids


Have you ever thought about what constitutes a healthy food or drink? To most people, healthy means having foods that are low fat, low carb, low calorie and low sugar.

We think about health in a slightly different way. We determine a food or drink’s healthiness by its quality and how nourishing it is for our bodies, not by health claims.

Health claims tend to generate anxiety around food and take the fun out of it. Therefore, we believe food should be enjoyed and celebrated in its natural state. Because if you don’t look forward to your next snack or meal, no matter how old you are, then what’s the point?

This kind of attitude about food is something we should be teaching people from a young age. If you have your kids enjoying food and eating well from the start, they will be set for life.

Best way to kick start their food love affair? Get them in the kitchen. It’s always hard to find healthy snacks that are suitable for children, so why not try and make your own? Cooking and baking with real ingredients is a great way to introduce your kids to high quality, nourishing foods and drinks. We have a great collection of sweet and savoury healthy snack recipes that are suitable for kids including our Sprouted Spelt Muffins, Honey Spelt Snack Bars and Sprouted Pumpkin Muffins.