What is a dairy alternative?


Gone are the days of boring dairy alternatives. We now live in a world where there is a dairy alternative for everyone, tree huggers and milk chuggers alike.

You can make a dairy alternative by blending and squeezing nuts, oats, rice or coconuts in to extract a liquid that is similar to milk.

People choose dairy alternatives for many different reasons. For some who are lactose intolerant, it is a dietary requirement. For others, it is a lifestyle or ethical choice.

No longer are dairy alternatives restricted to free from aisles or health stores. Likewise, no longer are they used as a milk replacement or only bought by those who have to use them. With different drinks for different uses, there are a growing number of people who enjoy the variety in flavour. More and more, people are using dairy alternatives as an ingredient, in bakes, shakes, soups and sauces. This has opened up a world of dairy-free creativity. See Rude Health recipes including coconut curry, cashew cheese, hazelnut espresso martini to name a few. With so many flavours to choose from, who can blame ‘em?


Our range of drinks are about flavour, quality and choice. Some taste better in tea and coffee, others are great for soups and curries. All ten are made using great quality, great tasting ingredients.

We didn’t think people should have to lower their standards on quality of food and ingredients when choosing a dairy alternative.

We saw shelves full of ‘healthy’ nut and plant-based milk full of unrecognisable and unpronounceable ingredients. Gums, thickeners and emulsifiers to name a few. These are not things we want to put in our bodies or pour over our granolas. Most importantly, we wanted nut and plant-based milk that were honest. We didn’t want to feel conned. We wanted to be able to turn over the pack and know exactly what we were getting. Call us old-fashioned, but we’ve always thought food should be made out of food. Especially if it’s food that has been labelled as healthy. So, what did we do about it? We made our own.

Five years later and we now have a colourful range of 10 tasty dairy alternative drinks.  All our drinks contain no refined sugars, thickeners, gums or emulsifiers. They are Organic, gluten-free and made with no more than five nourishing and real ingredients. Nothing artificial. Or refined.

They also taste mouth bogglingly good.



Almond Drink – We love our almond drink. It has been our headlining act since we released our first dairy alternatives in 2013 because of its versatility and drinkability. Crushed Organic almonds, blended smoothly with rice, mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Naturally nutty and naturally sweet.


Ultimate Almond Drink – Organic almonds. Water. Nothing else. This one is for the purists. If you’re more birthday suit than dinner suit and sweet enough already, the Ultimate Almond is for you. Creamy, smooth and unsweetened.


Cashew Drink – Cashew: it’s like a tiny tree cow. Of all nuts, cashews are the milkiest. They’re soft and creamy to begin with. We roast them lightly to bring out their full nutty flavour, then combine them with spring water and a pinch of sea salt.


Tiger Nut Drink – Spoiler alert: tiger nuts aren’t nuts, and have nothing to do with tigers. But they are stripy in a tiger-print kind of way which makes them the most glamorous tuber in our book. The first in the UK, Tiger Nut Drink is made using only spring water, Organic rice, Organic tiger nuts and a pinch of sea salt.


Hazelnut & Cacao Drink – One for the chocoholics. Velvety and sweet hazelnuts are blended with rich and bitter cacao to make a chocolatey drink that is un-put-downable. Drink first, thank us later.


Brown Rice Drink – Our Brown Rice Drink balances the delicacy of Italian brown rice with all its fibre, with pure mountain spring water and cold-pressed sunflower oil. Silky white and subtly sweet (naturally so). This is the only rice drink made with whole-grain, brown rice. Virtuous and velvety.


Oat Drink – Get all the goodness of gluten-free oats the easy way, any time, any place. This Drink is made with whole grains, soluble fibre and all. That’ll help keep your heart in rude health when eaten regularly. The satisfying oaty flavour is subtly balanced with pure mountain spring water and a touch of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Comfort you can drink.


Coconut Drink –We take all the lovely white stuff from coconuts and whip it up until it’s smooth. Then we blend it with rice, pure mountain spring water and a pinch of sea salt. The coconut oils give it a creamy texture and tropical taste.


Hazelnut Drink –We’d like to take the credit for making this drink delicious, but the truth is that nature did all the work. Its rich, sweet flavour comes from roasted Italian tondo gentile hazelnuts, the best in the world. Its silky texture comes from a little rice that we blend into the mountain spring water. It’s as close as you can get to perfect hazelnuts in liquid form.


You’re in rude health when… you change your milk with your mood. You’ve milked an almond. Your milk decisions go beyond red, green and blue. You like your ingredients like you like your friends – wild and unrefined