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Buckwheat & Black Bean Crackers

Crispy! Crunchy! Caramba!

Black beans and buckwheat have been two of the staples of Mexican cooking for thousands of years, and we can completely understand why. Buckwheat has a toasty, nutty flavour and black beans have a wonderful texture that complements it perfectly. As a bonus, buckwheat is actually a pseudo-grain, so it’s gluten-free. We mix them together with another American classic, corn, to lighten them and bake them to perfection. Arriba, Arriba!

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  • Whole Grain
  • Non GM
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free

Corn, Buckwheat (13%), Black Beans (10%), Sea Salt*


*approved non organic ingredients

How We Like It
  • For Winter: with a dollop of pulled pork.
  • For Summer: top with ceviche, lime and pomegranate seeds.
  • For anytime: sprinkle in an oven dish and add grated cheese and jalapenos for a lighter cheesy nacho.
Nutrition per cracker per 100g
Energy 89.3 kJ
21 kcal
1624 kJ
383 kcal
Fat 0.08g 1.58g
of which saturates 0.02g 0.3g
Carbohydrates 4.31g 78.4g
of which sugars 0.05g 0.85g
Fibre 0.2g 3.62g
protein 0.66g 12g
Salt 0.02g 0.37g

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