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Corn Crackers

Puffed, popped and packed with taste.

Made from a unique blend of organic grains and no artificial anything, Gluten-Free Corn Crackers are a true taste sensation. Puffed, popped and packed with taste, there’s no need to mess with Corn Crackers, we’ve added a pinch of sea salt and nothing else. Gluten-free, low fat and high in fibre, the biggest decision is what to have on top of them – if anything. Try using as a mega scoop with dips of salsa or sour cream or see how much leftover bolognese you can load up on top of one before it collapses.
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  • Popped not Fried

Corn, Sea Salt*

* approved non-organic ingredient

How We Like It
  • In public: as a miniscoop with dips of salsa and sour cream.
  • Among friends: devour a pack with cheese and pineapple cubes in front of a trashy film.
  • With no witnesses: as an instant pasta substitute: just bosh on some leftover Bolognese sauce. 
Nutritionper crackerper 100g
Energy23 kcal
383 kcal
of which saturates0.01g0.2g
of which sugars0.02g0.4g

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