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Sprouted Whole Spelt Flour

What’s more nourishing than a grain? A grain that’s been sprouted.

Our Spelt Flour keeps in the most nutritious part, the kernel. So they’re not removed during milling. You get a flour that’s high in protein, light to bake and full of flavour. Perfect for making pancakes, blinis and breads that’s made it a hit with the hippest bakers


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  • Organic
  • Whole Grain
  • Stone Ground
  • Raw
  • Sprouted

Sprouted whole Spelt (Wheat) flour.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.
How We Like It
  • Nutty sprouted whole spelt flour is hard to beat in banana bread. You can use sprouted spelt flour in any cake or pastry recipe as an alternative to wholegrain wheat or spelt flour. Replace it like for like.
  • If you haven't tried making bread with sprouted grain before, you're in for a full-flavoured treat. The low gluten content makes it a little different from baking bread with refined white flour or wholegrain flour.
Nutritionper 100g
372 kcal
of which saturates0g
of which sugars6.5g

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