5 Reasons Why Yoga Keeps You In Rude Health

We ask Michelle King, the yoga guru behind Adventure Yogi, how yoga keeps her in Rude Health.

Hot Cross Sprouted Spelt Buns

We would never miss out on these sweet, sticky, light and buttery spiced pillows.  And neither should you. Instead, we sprout ours. Try this recipe today.

EAT RIGHT Masterclass #4: Real Bread

Top-notch bakers and leading food aficionados unite to celebrate the traditional loaf with a hands-on morning of bread making at Bread Ahead, Borough Market.

Sprouted Yoga Supperclub

We bring you an evening of yoga, music and supper – guaranteed to make you feel brilliant.

More Sprouted Buckwheat Waffles

Just when we think we’ve nailed the best ever waffle recipe – our ambassador Tina pulls this blood orange whipped butter version out of the waffle maker.

What you Knead to Know about Bread

There’s so much more to say about the whole wheat and gluten debacle, that we thought we’d let our good friends over at the Real Breal Campaign do some of the talking.
sprouted grains

Eat Right Breakfast #3: Sprouted Grains

We brought together the most knowledgeable, people in health and fitness to discuss one of the biggest trends in food in 2015.

You’re in Rude Health when…

You’ve photobombed a climber on a Himalayan summit.

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