Ode To Outdoor Swimming


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We’re big fans of outdoor swimming at Rude Health. Whether that’s leaping into lidos at our Summer soaker events, sea water swimming or bog snorkelling – we dive into it all. Outdoor swimming gets our adrenaline pumping, endorphins flowing and a post-swim hot frothy Almond Drink latte and steaming bowl of porridge tastes even better.


And we’re not the only ones. Over lockdown, cold water swimming became a hugely popular escape for people up and down the country. In fact, the outdoor swimming society saw membership grow by 36% in 2020 and now over 7.5m UK adults swim in open water or outdoor pools. Now that's something to celebrate. 


You’re in rude health when, you dive in without dipping a toe in first.


Bursting with benefits

It’s no surprise outdoor swimming grew in popularity while we were all stuck at home. It is bursting with benefits. 


1. It helps your sleep better

    Cold water stimulates our parasympathetic systems, which are responsible for rest and repair. Many outdoor swimmers claim to sleep better after an invigorating dip. Wim Hoff may be on to something.


    2. It’s an immune booster

    Swimming al fresco in cold water boosts your immune system, decreases inflammation and pain, and increases blood flow as well as increasing fertility and libido in both men and women. Ding. Dong.


    3. It can help improve your mental health

    Cold water helps your body release endorphins, the known happy hormone. Many swimmers experience a natural high after diving into cold water.


    4. It’s great for your joints and skin

    Outdoor swimming is great for your body, inside and out. It’s gentle on joints and improves circulation.


    5. Sense of community

    Although outdoor swimming can be done alone, there is a huge welcoming community of swimmers all around the country, with 100’s of groups waiting to welcome new members. Searching for a group near you? Visit to find one today.


    A summer of swimming 

    We’ve got a summer of swimming planned at Rude Health. Our Rude Health Summer Soaker is heading to Salford Quays and Jubilee Pool in July. We’re back at the bog for the August Bank Holiday Weekend and we’re sponsoring the Jubilee Pool Sea Swim.


    Find out more about our events and grab yourself a ticket by visiting:



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