Maple & Choco Vanilla Puff Tiffin


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Gooey, chocolate tiffin made with Choco Vanilla Puffs, Spelt Flakes and Spelt Oatys for added crunch. 


Makes: 16 pieces 

Prep time: 15 mins

Setting time: 30 mins





3/4 cup Rude Health Choco Vanilla Puffs

3/4 cup Rude Health Spelt Flakes

Half a pack of Rude Health Spelt Oatys

120g 70% dark chocolate

50g virgin coconut oil

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Pinch of salt

A drizzle of maple syrup

4x medjool dates

50g tahini



150g dark chocolate

20g coconut oil

2 tsp maple syrup

40g tahini




Step 1.

Line a 20 × 20 baking tray or plastic container with parchment.


Step 2.

To toast the Rude Health Choco Vanilla Puffs and Spelt Flakes, pre heat the oven to 180c and sprinkle them on a lined oven proof dish. Drizzle with a little maple syrup. Place them in the oven for 7-10 minutes until they are slightly crispy. Once toasted set aside to cool.


Step 3.

Meanwhile, place a heat proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (making sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl). Add the dark chocolate pieces, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and a pinch of salt to the bowl and stir the mixture while it melts.


Step 4.

Once the chocolate has melted, turn off the heat and add chopped dates, roughly broken up Rude Health Spelt Oatys and the tahini.


Step 5.

Once all combined, add the toasted cereal and press the mixture into the tin. Place it in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes to set.


Step 6.

For the topping, use the same bowl to melt the chocolate with the coconut oil over a pan of hot water. Adding coconut oil stops it from setting.


Step 7.

Mix the tahini with the maple syrup.


Step 8.

Take the slice out of the fridge and pour over the chocolate, tilting the tin side to side to ensure it runs right to the corners. Drizzle over the tahini mix and use a skewer to swirl it around. Sprinkle over the salt flakes and place it in the fridge to set for 2 hours. Enjoy.


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