Soya Drink: All You Need To Know


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What Is Soya Milk?

Soya Milk is a dairy alternative drink made by soaking and blending soya beans with water until creamy. The paste is then strained to create a smooth and subtle dairy free alternative milk.

Soya Drink dates back to around the 14th century China along with other soy products like tofu. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular dairy alternatives on the market – and there’s a good reason for it.


Because of soya drinks neutral flavour, it can be used in many different ways. Try pouring over your favourite bowl of cereal, stirred into tea or coffee or adding it to any soup or sauce for a creamy base.


Another great thing about soya milk is that being similar in texture to dairy milk means it’s a popular dairy alternative choice for those wanting to try out dairy free drinks for the first time. It also contains a higher percentage of protein compared with other dairy alternatives making it a popular choice.


What Does Soya Milk Taste Like?

Soya Drink is similar to dairy milk in terms of taste and texture, which makes it a great choice for first time dairy-free drinkers. It’s creamy and gently flavoured, which means it pairs well with just about anything. Our Barista Soya is slightly creamier and was created to blend perfectly with hot drinks. Gone are the days of spilt milk and flat lattes – made with just 4 natural ingredients – our Barista Soya doesn’t use any thickeners to froth and blend like other barista drinks on the market. It has the same great taste as our Soya Drink but was made specifically to work in velvety harmony with coffee.


Is Soya Milk Healthy?

At Rude Health, we prefer not to label food and drinks as “healthy” or “unhealthy”, “good” or “bad”. Our Soya Drink is Gluten Free, Organic, and contains just 4 natural ingredients. Organic soya beans are blended with water, organic rice syrup, and a pinch of sea salt. That’s it. 


There are some concerns around soya in relation to hormones and deforestation. Soya has a hormone which is similar to a hormone that we have. This thought makes people uneasy, but the reality is, you’d have to eat piles of tofu and drink gallons and gallons of soya drink for that to ever cause an issue.


Soya Drink is delicious and a great alternative to milk. It is perfect for anyone who can’t drink milk for allergy or lifestyle reasons, for those who simply don’t enjoy dairy, or would like more variety in their diet. Rude Health Soya Drink is safe for people with nut allergies to enjoy and only contains 42 kcal per 100ml, with our Barista Soya containing 62 kcal per 100ml.


Nutrition varies from product to product, so please always check the packaging of your drink of choice. You will find full nutritional information for all our alternative milks, on the relevant product page on the website. We always recommend consulting with your doctor for any diet specific advice.


Can I Cook With Soya Drink?

Yes, cooking with soya drink is a great way to change up your recipes. Start off simple by making creamy, dreamy lattes with our Barista Soya which froths like a dream and is a neutral accompaniment to coffee. 


For a breakfast for champions try splashing it over your favourite Rude Health Granola for an extra refreshing start to the day. Our porridges don’t mind a bit of Soya Drink either.


Baking bonkers? swap out milk for Soya Drink in your next baking adventure. We love the creamy edge it gives to cakes.


We love to see what you create with our dairy-free drinks. Make sure you tag us in your recipes on social media – find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @rudehealth.


Can I Make Soya Milk At Home?

Yes, soya milk is one of the lesser homemade dairy alternatives as it includes a slightly more complex method. The drink however is still made with kitchen cupboard ingredients so you are welcome to try this one out yourself.


All you’ll need is soya beans, water, and a high speed blender. Similar to other nut milks the soya beans require soaking overnight to help them blend better with water. Once it’s squeezed through a cheesecloth to remove the pulp, make sure the drink is cooked on the stove for around 20 minutes – since soya beans are a legume this means the soya milk can’t be eaten raw. Once cooled you are then left with a velvity glass of soya drink. 


If you prefer a sweeter dairy free drink try adding dates or vanilla extract before you blend.


No time for blending and straining? We’ve done the work for you. Try a carton of Rude Health Soya Drink or Rude Health Barista Soya.



Are Rude Health Soya Drinks Sustainable?

It may look like we’re late to the party on this one, but, despite soya being one of the most popular dairy-alternative drinks, we’ve refused to launch a Soya Drink until we found a sustainable, non-GM, organic source of soya to use. Dairy-free isn’t always automatically better for the environment. We encourage everyone to read the labels of the dairy-alternative drinks they’re drinking and make sure they’re choosing one with sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. 


Less is moreish with Rude Health Soya Drink. It’s a simple blend of organic European sustainably sourced soya beans, water, organic rice syrup, and a pinch of sea salt. That’s it. As for our Barista Soya Drink, we don’t add any thickeners like other barista drinks on the market. Just water, soya beans, a touch of rice syrup, and a pinch of salt which all allow the soya and coffee to blend together in velvety harmony.


Not only is our drink just straight up soya, we’re also keen to be straight up when it comes to soya sustainability. Soya is largely grown in the Amazon rainforests, contributing to large amounts of deforestation and loss of wild life. This is not something we want to contribute to. So, we don’t. Instead, we source our soya from France and Canada, where it is grown in much smaller yields, is non-GM and also organic. Win, win, win.


Why Do You Call It Soya Drink And Not Soya Milk?

If it’s from an animal or a coconut, it can be called milk. Anything from a grain or nut can’t be called milk. Those are the rules, and that’s fine by us.


Other people call their drinks “m*lk” but at Rude Health we are happy with “drink”- because that’s exactly what it is. A deliciously tasty, creamy drink made from organic soya.


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