Oat Milk: All You Need To Know


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What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a refreshing dairy alternative that’s made by soaking and blending oats with water to create a creamy alternative to milk. It was developed in Sweden at the University of Lund in the 1990s by students who were experimenting in creating an alternative to cows milk that would suit people who are lactose intolerant or have gluten or nut allergies. It is still one of the fastest growing dairy free milks on the market.


Oat milk is not just a great option for people with allergies or specific dietary requirements. It is also a delicious, creamy drink that adds an edge to smoothies, shakes up your bowl of cereal, and gives a depth of flavour to porridge and baked treats.


Its creamy texture and subtle flavour make it coffee’s best mate. Oat milks have quickly become a favourite with Baristas from London and New. York, to Sydney and Hong Kong. We made a Barista Oat Drink designed to deal with the heat of coffee and the acidity of coffee beans to take your cappuccinos to the next level. 




What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?

Oat milk is one of the more subtle dairy alternatives. It is creamy, smooth and, well, oaty. Of all the dairy alternatives it is the closest in texture and flavour to milk. Not the same, but the shortest leap. Oats naturally contain sugars, just like milk, giving it roughly the same sweetness. It tastes more familiarly comforting than sweet – perfect for perking up your breakfast. Because our Oat Drink uses no gums or thickeners, it has a slightly lighter mouthfeel than others.


Turn your morning bowl of porridge into an oaty sensation by subbing in oat milk for water. Its creamy texture will take you to breakfast heaven. Or why not make your afternoon coffee a real treat by frothing it up instead of milk? Because of its texture and malty flavour, it is one of the best dairy alternatives to use in tea & coffee. 


It can also add a creamy edge to dinners and desserts. What’s not to love?


Is Oat Milk Healthy?

At Rude Health, we prefer not to label food and drinks as “healthy” or “unhealthy”, “good” or “bad”.  Our Oat Drink is Organic and Gluten Free, meaning that the oats used were grown and milled in fields entirely protected from the risk of being cross-contaminated by gluten from other grains, and free of pesticides or any other chemicals, too.


Our Oat Drink contains just 4 natural ingredients, with no added sugar or artificial anythings. Wholegrain Organic oats are blended with pure mountain spring water, a touch of cold-pressed sunflower oil, and a pinch of sea salt. That’s it. 


Oat milk is delicious and a great alternative to milk. It is perfect for anyone who can’t drink milk for allergy or lifestyle reasons, for those who simply don’t enjoy dairy, or would like more variety in their diet. It is safe for people with nut allergies to enjoy, and Rude Health Oat Drink is great for those with gluten intolerances and allergies. Our Oat Drink has 43 kcal per 100ml, and our Barista Oat has 58 kcal per 100ml.


Is oat milk nutritious?

In general, oats are a great source of fibre and  are loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds. 


Our Oat Drink contains 43kcal per 100ml, 1.6g fat 0.8g of protein and 6.1g of carbohydrates. More importantly, all the ingredients in our Oat Drink is 100% natural with no gums, thickeners or refined sugars.


Some brands fortify their oat milk with synthetic vitamins, but we prefer to keep our ingredients as natural as possible. There are so many delicious and nutrient-rich foods where vitamins & minerals occur naturally, why choose something made in a lab?


Nutritional values change from brand to brand so please always check the packaging of your oat milk of choice.



Did you know?

Do you love oats so much that you’ve considered bathing in them? You’re not alone. An oat bath is created by adding 1 cup of finely ground oats to bathwater. We love the soothing feeling of the silky oat water, and the calming aroma. But then again, we are a little oat mad.

As with all our advice, best to check with a doctor before diving into a bath full of oats. Seems sensible.


Can I Cook With Oat Milk?

Yes, you can cook with oat milk. Actually, it is often seen as one of the best dairy alternatives to cook with simply because its subtle flavour makes it a versatile drink to use in place of dairy milk. Adding oat milk into your recipe is an easy and delicious way to shake up any dish.


Why not try swapping in Oat Drink for milk when you make your next smoothie, or take your porridge to the next level by splashing it in with your favourite oats. Looking for something more hearty? Try our Leek & Mushroom pie with a creamy vegan oat drink & miso sauce.


We love to see what you create with our dairy-free drinks. Make sure you tag us in your recipes on social media – find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @rudehealth.



How To Milk An Oat

All of our drinks are made with natural ingredients, that you would use at home. Want to give milking your own oats a go? It’s simple and takes less time that going to the shops for more oat milk.


Add 1 cup Rude Health Daily Oats or other rolled oats and 3 to 4 cups water to a blender and blend on high for 30-45 seconds. Then strain through a muslin cloth, clean t-shirt or towel. Now pour it into a bottle and use it within a few days. That’s it.


Top tips

  • 3 cups of water will give a creamier result than 4
  • Avoid using oatmeal or jumbo oats unless you want a sort of skimmed oat milk.
  • Add a pinch of salt and maple syrup or other sugar to taste.
  • If you’re using a t-shirt or towel make sure they are clean but don’t smell of washing powder, because washing powder is not a great flavour. We’ve tried it so you don’t have to.
  • Don’t blend for longer than 45 seconds. Any longer and the oats can become slimy. Don’t soak the oats or heat the oat milk for the same reason.


Choose the oats less travelled

Want an oat milk that heats and froths without using up your favourite t-shirt? We’ve done the work for you. Try a carton of our delicious gluten-free Oat Drink, made with British oats. They’re organic, gluten-free and grown where oats grow bests, in rain-drenched UK fields.

Rude Health Oat Drinks

We have three delicious Oat Drinks to choose from.

Rude Health Oat Drink: Wholegrain, Organic oats are blended with pure mountain spring water, a touch of cold-pressed sunflower oil, and a pinch of sea salt. That’s it. Our Oat Drink is also Gluten Free, which means we source our oats far away from wheat fields to allow no cross contamination with any other grains. Gluten-Free, but flavour full.

Rude Health Barista Oat: Our Barista Oat is a coffee shop favourite, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a barista to get the best out of it. It steers clear of the unnatural froth-boosting additives that are normally used in dairy alternatives. Instead we use a touch of seaweed- yes, you read that right – to help bean and oat blend together in perfect harmony. 

Rude Health Hot Chocolate: Want something a bit more indulgent? Our dairy-free Hot Chocolate has an oaty base, making it super creamy. We use cacao instead of chocolate which makes it less sweet. Perfect for when you’re after a hit of chocolate but don’t want something super sweet. And it’s Organic. Win. Win.

How Do You Froth Rude Health Oat Drink?

  1. Make sure our oat drink is at room temperature.
  2. Steam our oat drink as you would a dairy milk, making sure it stays at a low temperature (55-60⚬C)
  3. Rest, swirl and then tap the pitcher to remove any surface bubbles.
  4. Pour into a shot of espresso and serve in a ceramic mug. Latte art encouraged.


Why Do You Call It Oat Drink And Not Oat Milk?

If it’s from an animal or a coconut, it can be called milk. Anything from a grain or nut can’t be called milk. Those are the rules, and that’s fine by us.

Other people call their drinks “m*lk” but at Rude Health we are happy with “drink”- because that’s exactly what it is. A deliciously tasty, oaty and creamy drink made from organic oats.



You’re in rude health when you froth it like it’s hot. You’re more oat couture than haute couture. You drink coffee and do silly things faster, with more energy.

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